Thursday 8 December 2016

Principal Pilates' Picks

Thought I'd share some gift ideas now Christmas is coming...

For clothes (Pilates or not) I'm loving BAM bamboo clothing I think you can feel greener buying bamboo clothes as it's a faster growing crop than cotton and uses a lot less water.  I like this Women's Bamboo Horizon Sweat - very soft and cosy, great for winter!

Women's Bamboo Horizon Sweat
Men's Bamboo Contrast Stitch Baselayer
And I love the feel of their base layers - available in his and hers sizes!
Sweaty Betty's Intensify Merino Seamless leggings

So that's tops, now for leggings. My pick for this time of year is extravagant but feels so good.. They are Sweaty Betty's Intensify Merino Seamless leggings - wool but definitely not scratchy and so fantastically warm!

And to complete the outfit - socks! Here are two pairs for the colder months - the dusky pink are short without grips so good for everyday. The long blue pair do have grips and will get you to and from classes with warmer legs!

ToeSox With Toe Casual Crew Dusk
Full Toe Knee High Grip Socks in Polka

Next, on to some kit to use at home over Christmas to work on any tight muscles - Franklin Method of course!  
Soft Franklin Ball, 10cm, orange
Franklin Ball, green, 10cm

Sleep: The Myth of 8 Hours, the Power of Naps...

And when you've put your feet up, how about something to read? Just three books to choose from that may help you start 2017 even more healthy and happy. The first is Nick Littlehale's Sleep.  For me, you can't underestimate the effect of sleep on health.  And Nick tells us about helping numerous athletes achieve gains in their sport by sleeping better. But good sleep isn't just for Bradley Wiggins - this book could help anyone getting a better night and it contains the revelation (to me at least!) that decaffeinated doesn't mean caffeine-free - who knew?!
Living Well With Pain And Illness

My second book is Living Well with Pain and Illness by Vidyamala Burch. A book that helps us understand more about what pain actually is and how awareness, breathing and mindfulness can help improve our lives.
Joanna Hall's Walkactive Programme:

And lastly a good book for January to help us get more active outdoors by walking more.   Most of us walk on autopilot much of the time but to walk as we're designed to takes more awareness. Joanna Hall shows us how to optimise our gait and how to get fitter at the same time. What better way for body and mind to start a year?

Ah, there is one way - and that's a Principal Pilates 1-1 of course! Vouchers available from Caroline!

Merry Christmas and looking forward to a Happy 2017 for all!

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